The Infusion and Blood WarmerThe Infusion and Blood Warmer

The Infusion and Blood Warmer

S-line – The Infusion and Blood Warmer

Barkey S-line is a one-touch-control infusion and blood warmer. The device helps to accelerate the healing process of patients and conserves hospital’s budgets.

The product is certificated by CE and NMPA.

The Infusion and Blood Warmer

√  Integrated temperature sensors

√  guarantee the best warming and highest safety.

√  The complete casing of IV-sets and therefore optimum warming

√  No additional consumer articles

√  Warming of blood return feeds or of dialysis fluids in combination with devices for replacement kidney therapy

√  Warming of enteral and/or parenteral nutrition

√  Operational safety thanks to the preset target temperature value

√  Display of actual temperature of the heating sleeve

√  Available in a range of diameters

√  Smooth surface, therefore simple to wash and disinfect

√  Use of exclusively bio-compatible materials

√  Optical and acoustic alarm signal in a fault situation

The Infusion and Blood Warmer

√  Operation room

√  Department of Anesthesiology

√  ICU

√  Infusion Room

√  Dialysis Room

√  Burn Department

√  Obstetrics Department

√  Inpatient Ward