Febrile Antigens Rapid TestFebrile Antigens Rapid Test

Febrile Antigens Rapid Test

Medson provides Febrile Antigens kit made in Spain. All products are certificated by CE. The CROMATEST stained antigens are standardized suspensions of killed bacteria prepared for the detection and semi-quantitative by agglutination in either slide or tube tests of human serum agglutinins, a group of antibodies developed during some febrile infections such as brucellosis, salmonellosis and certain rickettsiosis.

Testing Febrile Antigens has a high diagnostic value as their exclusion or detection can support or place doubt on a tentative diagnosis made on the basis of case history data and clinical findings.

Test items

√  Brucella Abortus Antigen

√  Brucella Melitensis Antigen

√  Proteus OXK Antigen

√  Proteus OX2 Antigen

√  Proteus OX19 Antigen

√  Salmonella O Antigen Group A

√  Salmonella O Antigen Group B

√  Salmonella O Antigen Group C

√  Salmonella O Antigen Group D [Typhi O]

√  Salmonella H Antigen a

√  Salmonella H Antigen b

√  Salmonella H Antigen c

√  Salmonella H Antigen d [Typhi H]

√  Widal Kit Salmonella Ha,Hb,Hc,Hd,OA,OB,OC,OD.

√  Widal Kit Salmonella Ha,Hb,Hc,Hd,OA,OB,OC,OD +ve/-ve Control


Quality control

√  Febrile positive control sera

√  Febrile negative control sera

Febrile Antigens Rapid Test

Febrile Antigens are stained bacterial suspensions that can be used either as a screening test, [rapid slide agglutinating procedure] or as a confirmatory test [tube agglutination] to verify positive results found by the rapid slide method.

In the event of an infection by a pathogenic micro-organism, antibodies are produced against the micro-organism. Tests are used to detect these antibodies and it can also be used to measure a rise or fall in antibody titre, as the infection progresses.

Febrile Antigens Rapid Test

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