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Contact Shock Freezer for Plasma

The bag is in contact with the surfaces of the wells and intense extraction of thermal energy is obtained in this

manner, minimizing in this way the freezing time: <45‘ for 24 or 48 [450 ml.] nominal standard bags, with a net

content of plasma of at least 230 cc. and an initial temperature between +25°C and +30°C [KW has

undertaken tests with bags with a mass of 260 gr. each].

The storage solution in vertical encounters, in fact, all the freezing advantages of the horizontal freezers, leaving

the vertical placement of the plasma bags salvaged.

The surface of the wells is smooth and in inox steel, without edges, and therefore permit the safe storage

against accidental breaks or bumps of the bags; permits furthermore the eventual download of liquids exiting

due to breakage, from the bottom, or the successive condensation to a freezing and maintenance stop, be

means of outlets [one for each well], all gathered and l eading to a single external tube.

Contact Shock Freezer for Plasma

  Temperature uniformity

  Vertical freezing

  Spatial distribution of bags

  Automatic storage

  Minimum maintenance

  Max ergonomics

  Energy saving

  Process traceability

  Quality of frozen plasma are maintained

Contact Shock Freezer for Plasma

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