NEO IrisNEO Iris

NEO Iris

NEO Iris® is 6th generation analyzer and offers maximum productivity with the highest type and screen throughput on the market while providing your laboratory remarkable flexibility. Ideal for large transfusion laboratories, and donor centers.

NEO Iris® automates patented Capture® technology with proven clinical performance and a comprehensive process control strategy, providing trustworthy test results.

NEO Iris

Beyond Limits

NEO Iris is most productive, fully automated blood bank instrument. Designed for the mid to high volume laboratory, NEO Iris brings new functionality to improve day-to-day efficiencies.

√  Highest type and screen throughput on the market

√  Dynamic workflow and resource handling

√  Remarkable flexibility for STAT priority functionality

Quality Control

NEO Iris’s assays have built in process controls to ensure consistent accuracy – with a fully automated system to ensure sample and result integrity, always.

Results You Can See

Real-time test results with visual well images, graded result, or final interpretation. NEO Iris’s improved image resolution allows users to easily verify results on screen.

Optimized Workflow

With linear sample and reagent racks for true continuous access, STAT requests never wait. NEO Iris’s dynamic workflow management tool with STAT priority allows you to run any test, in any order, at any time.

Data Management

NEO Iris is taking blood banking into the future with cutting edge data management solutions accessing serology and molecular IVD results. Manage complex testing in remote sites from your core lab location while providing an easier and more efficient way to manage the Blood Bank test data.

NEO Iris

√  Donor center

√  Central blood bank

√  Blood Transfusion Dept