Clinical laboratory automation solutionsClinical laboratory automation solutions

Clinical laboratory automation solutions

Automation solutions for labor-intensive, high throughput areas of the clinical diagnostic lab.

Standalone workcells provide "task-targeted" process automation, while integrated systems with a specimen transport conveyor process each specimen as needed to complete the full pre-analytic sequence. Ready-to-load specimen racks are delivered to the diagnostic instruments. Following completion of the analytic sequence, specimens may be recapped, logged and racked for archive storage.

Clinical laboratory automation solutions

Robots for Laboratory Testing & Processing

√  Managing workflow of specimens through the pre- and post-analytic sequence

√  Integrating components of the automation system [sorting, conveyance, decapping, CSS, etc.]

√  Connecting to the LIS to exchange specimen processing data and history

√  Configurating to accommodate volume increases, workflow changes and additional process equipment

Custom Process Solutions

Clinical laboratory automation solutions offer extensive process engineering and development capabilities to address unique specimen processing and other clinical lab workflow needs. Solutions include thaw and mix, relabeling, kitting, instrument connectivity, IT solutions and custom rack development.

Clinical laboratory automation solutions

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√  Independent laboratory