Smart Blood Bank RefrigeratorSmart Blood Bank Refrigerator

Smart Blood Bank Refrigerator

Smart Blood Bank Refrigerator [SBB5 HPL] is a modular solution that can satisfy the needs of customers through a series of innovations and dedicated technical solutions. The innovative contribution lies the use of a tablet with the App and customizable features, the connection with hospital databases and management software, the presence of a microcontroller and the use of reprogrammable smart drawers.

Set point: +4°C.

Smart Blood Bank Refrigerator

√  TOUCH technology with complete traceability and connectivity.

√  Green Thermodynamic with HC with no environmental impact and low energy.

√  Innovative SW and HW.

√  Smart storage system of blood bags: correspondance bag-position for both introduction and collection.

√  Entry with badge and password also from remote.

√  Interfacing with ERP system used by the blood bank.

√  System is simple, compact, economically sustainable and easily deployable within the blood bank or its external departments.

√  Computerized management of the picking process of the blood component to be transfused: TRACKING AND SECURITY.

Smart Blood Bank Refrigerator

√  Donor centers

√  Clinical laboratories

√  Independent laboratories