Plasma FreezersPlasma Freezers

Plasma Freezers

Plasma Freezers Series PL can be used for the storage of blood products. Highly Insulated structure (average thickness 140mm) on wheels with AISI 304 stainless steel internal cabinet and shelves. Internal counter doors insulated with triple gasket in silicone rubber, ergonomic handle with key lock. Refrigeration with double stage plant (N.2 hermetic and silent Compressors) and air condenser. LCD alphanumeric display equipped.

Plasma Freezers

√  Save space in your laboratory

√  Work with touch technology: easy, traceable, with built-in recording system, for easy maintenance at any time, updatable with a simple message

√  Ergonomic and easy to use as a last generation smartphone

√  Save energy with touch technology HPL through special thermodynamic functions (green ice project)

√  Your freezer always connected with you wherever you are, always in control of your samples with connected your device.

√  ISO 13485:2012,ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004

Total Connectivity

√  USB door

√  SD Card Slot

√  SIM Card Slot

√  Wi-Fi Connection

√  Ethernet Door

√  RS485 door with Modbus protocol

√  Controlled access presetting

Total Traceability

The controller records the functional data at high frequency, and it can also store bar codes or other coding forms (some of them with planned hardware implementations), associating the content to the freezing process, cryo preservation, etc. The user then, with no need to install specific software, shall easily transfer the data on PC and/or network, provided that compatible Windows standards are available.


The Wi–Fi and/or LAN connection shall ensure that our HPL freezer shall be visible in the LAN of the hospital, of the research center or of the industrial lab. In addition, by simply entering the IP address through the browser, from a station equipped with an access point, anywhere in the world, the controller shall provide all the information on the equipment status or else showing the critical events occurred.

Plasma Freezers

√  Donor centers

√  Clinical laboratories

√  Independent laboratories