Ultrasonic Bladder ScannerUltrasonic Bladder Scanner

Ultrasonic Bladder Scanner

Real-time bladder scanning is a safe, easy and non-invasive method for measuring bladder volume. Bladder scanning measures ultrasonic reflections within a patient’s body and differentiates the urinary bladder from the surrounding tissues.

The VitaScan calculates the patient’s bladder volume in 3D and displays volume and bladder image on screen.

Clinical indications

√  Prevent catheter associated Urinary Tract Infections [UTI]

√  Diagnose Post-operative Urinary Retention [POUR]

√  Diagnose Post Void Residual [PVR]

√  Diagnose Bladder Outlet Obstruction [BOO]

√  Identifying blocked Foley catheter

√  Bladder function after removing an indwelling urinary catheter.

√  Identify bladder distention.

√  Identify causes of urinary frequency and bladder irritability.

√  Accurate assessment of a patient`s hydration status

√  Useful tool in bladder retraining [Biofeedback]

Ultrasonic Bladder Scanner


√  The scanner runs on mains power supply and/or internal battery with 5 hours battery capacity. The scanner features an internal thermal printer for immediate documentation.

Fully automated calculation

√  No sonographical experience is needed. Single button control to start/stop the bladder scanning. Fully automated scanning in multiple planes from one position.


√  Real-time portable ultrasound bladder scanner for easy use. Intuitive design for carrying with a soft case to protect during transportation.

Sharp and clear images

√  Advanced image processing for sharp and clear images. Full page reports in PDF, JPEG or DICOM formats. Automatic PVR calculation possible (pre-void/post void scan options).

Simple and Intuitive

√  The VitaScan features automatic volume measurements and bladder volume calculation with large digit display.

Easy integration

√  The VitaScan LT offers integration protocol to any hospital EMR systems. View and save exam result easily on your own local computer storage.

Ultrasonic Bladder Scanner

√  All surgical departments


√  Cardiology Department

√  Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

√  Geriatrics Department